Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Send Free SMS

Hi Friends,

Send Free sms to anywhere in india from here. One advantage is with out logging in you can send a message. Other beautiful advantage is you can send an SMS with 160 characters.

And you can directly send sms from here who have accounts with 160by2 very easily.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good News & Website Information

This is a forum by me where u can find good information about new websites and news. And if you have any programming queries post it here .. me and my friends try to solve it otherwise forum viewers may try to solve your post..

200+ Best Freeware

This is a site where you can find 200+ Free best softwares at one place with different categories. If you know any best other softwares please submit it to us.. we will add it to them with in 10 days.

Best free antivirus, antimalware, file conversions, audio, video, calander, utilities...etc...... is available.

Universal Search engine

* Different Types of Search Engines at one place.
* Opening Universal Search once is enough for searching any search engine simply using single textbox.
* Do Search Directly from here
* You can Search Normal text, images, wiki, mobile features, mobile phone provider, File extensions, softwares, india telephone directories, pin code, latitude & Longitude, Dictionary, forums, blogs, codes, news, maps, filght information, railway information, youtube videos, ebay shopping etc.,

For Universal search Help Click here

Past Updates

15/3/2008 - Introduced a Web Page for Proxy Sites.. Best 20 Proxy sites are available. Click Here

02/3/2008 - Introduced some Quick Random Tips which can be used when required. Click Here

25/2/2008 - Introduced a Web page with almost 20 weblinks for making Long URLs to Short URLs. Click Here

10/2/2008 - Introduced Special 1MB Tools which is very useful for normal use. For 1MB tools Click Here

01/2/2008 - Introduced a Web page Specially for Mp3 i.e, Mp3 Search Engines.. Click Here

22/1/2008 - Introduced new Stock Exchange page with auto refresh which shows BSE and NSE at a time from yahoo. Click Here

20/1/2008 - Introduced new Flight status information abt arrivals, departures etc., .. Click Here

10/1/2008 - Introduced new Search engine for search engines... It is nothing but a Universal Search where you can search any thing such as Google, yahoo, msn live, visual search, blogs, dictionaries, mobile networks, pincodes, lat & long, std, isd, maps, etc., Click Here

18/12/2007 - Introduced new Flash widgets for file upload and downloads. Download hosted files by me and Upload Files to me. Click here

8/12/2007 - Introduced new Search engine named Trigene. It will search Google, Yahoo, MSN Live at a time and shows all results in one window. Click Here

5/12/2007 - Introduced new live score cards via search engines at a time. To see it Click here

1/12/2007 - Introduced new live score card Version 1.0 from ibibloo. It is a Flash score card. To see it Click here

25/11/2007 - Introduced New Online Radio with Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English stations... Enjoy it while listerning... Click here

15/11/2007 - Introduced Discussion Forums in this site for Movies, Sports, Studies. Use it well. To visit Forums Click Here

5/11/2007 - Introduced new Live Score cards for all matches. This score card will refreshes automatically every 15 sec. Click Here

20/10/2007 - Introduced Supporting google home page where you can find google talk, yahoo messenger, temperature finder, games, useful files, links and softwares. To visit Google Home page Click here

Sunday, March 30, 2008

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